(Via Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart devoted four minutes of Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show” to the news that the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board canceled six trademark registrations owned by the Redskins.

Stewart joked that the TTAB’s decision falls into the wait-we’re-just-getting-around-to-that-now? category of legal rulings, which also includes Mississippi lawmakers officially ratifying the 13th Amendment to the Constitution banning slavery … last year.

“Listen, so the Redskins no longer own the exclusive rights to their own name, meaning anyone is free to flood the market with Redskins-branded products of any kind,” Stewart said. “From analgesic butt creams to, I don’t know, Redskins owner-sized condoms.”

Note: The TTAB’s decision DOES NOT MEAN you are free to flood the market with Redskins-branded products, be them butt creams, T-shirts or automatic cat food dispensers. Anyway, here’s the full segment if you’re interested.