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In our self-appointed role as the sports logo police of D.C. athletes, we typically pester D.C. athletes who wear the logos of enemy teams in other sports. Clinton Portis in a Phillies hat, Bryce Harper in a Cowboys jersey, Bryce Harper with Duke gear, D.C. golfers in their Tony Romo finest, and so on.

But I can’t remember ever focusing on a local athlete who loved to wear the jerseys of opposing teams in the same sport!!!!! This is new ground in sports logo policing!!!!!

Anyhow. Thus far this offseason, John Wall has worn the jersey of a division rival (the Hawks), a playoff foe (the Pacers), and a random Western conference team that nobody in Washington could possibly have an ounce of passion about one way or the other (the Suns). If he’s attempting to cross every team off the list before the offseason ends, he better start moving.

And just in case anyone cares about this for anything grander than the search for Web traffic, Wall sort of responded on by retweeting this.

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