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Redskins name debate makes WWE Raw

(Nick Wass / AP file)

Within about 30 seconds of the Redskins trademark decision last week, I saw someone mention online that WWE Raw was coming to Verizon Center in five days, and that there was close to a 100 percent certainty that the Redskins name would be a topic.

I thought about watching the program just to see. I forgot. But luckily, the good people of the Internet had me covered.

Yes, that’s Bad News Barrett, talking about “your racist, constantly losing NFL team.”

The back story: Barrett is fighting someone or other named Dolph Ziggler, and Barrett claimed he would defeat Ziggler and the latter would have to change his name, “just like your racist, constantly losing NFL team.”

That’s what he said, anyhow. Then everyone booed. Then the announcers talked about the Redskins potentially losing their trademarks, while pointedly refusing to say the team’s name. Then someone gave a thumbs down on this dude with a Redskins hat.

Does this help the name changers or the name savers? Will this prompt a press release from the Oneida Nation or the Redskins? I have no idea anymore. I just know that this is now an entrenched part of life in Washington. And lots and lots of people noticed this segment.

(Thanks, @RyanJKelly. Gif via KSK.)

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