Our man on the scene in Woodbridge may have been the first mainstream media member to compliment Bryce Harper’s t-shirt Tuesday night.

If so, he sure wasn’t the last.

And since I found an image of Bryce in his shirt, and since people seemed to love it so, well, here it is.

Full disclosure: I have no idea about anything that’s going on here. Something about a profanity-laced popular music ditty, I’m told.

If you want the actual shirt, you can find it at Routine Baseball. Here’s the company’s description of the shirt, which would appear to pay homage to the above-mentioned ditty:

You’re a free swinger. You don’t deny it. Leaving the bat on your shoulder just doesn’t make sense to you. You always say, “A baseball was meant to be hit… and if it wasn’t, then why give me this bat?” Leading the team in doubles and strikeouts is kind of like a draw, right? Time to work on your craft in the cage A$AP.