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Every year since 2011, NFL Network has released a list of the league’s ‘Top 100 Players’ during the offseason, because what else is there to talk about before training camp? The list is determined by an NFL Network survey of players and selections are unveiled 10 at a time on a weekly show.

With 30 players on this year’s list still to be announced, the Redskins have had three selections: Pierre Garcon, 80; DeSean Jackson, 63; and Trent Williams, 60. Alfred Morris figures to crack the Top 30 after ranking 64th in 2013, but it was revealed during last week’s show that quarterback Robert Griffin III will not be on the list.

While Griffin’s numbers were down in his second season, his exclusion from the list is somewhat surprising given that his peers voted him the 15th-best player in 2013. Griffin ranked higher than Andrew Luck (23rd), Russell Wilson (51st) and Colin Kaepernick (81st) following his rookie year.

Here’s a look at Redskins players among the top 100 since 2011:

2014 NFL Network Top 100*
Pierre Garcon – 80
DeSean Jackson – 63
Trent Williams – 60
*Players 30-1 have yet to be announced.

2013 NFL Network Top 100
Trent Williams – 99
London Fletcher – 86
Alfred Morris – 64
Robert Griffin III – 15

2012 NFL Network Top 100 
London Fletcher – 87

2011 NFL Network Top 100
Donovan McNabb – 100
*McNabb was traded to the Vikings two months after the 2011 list was released, but his inclusion is an excellent indicator of how you should view these rankings.

After leading the league in catches, Garcon seemed less than pleased with being ranked 80th. Griffin hasn’t explicitly weighed in on the news that he won’t be on the list, but he has been tweeting a fair amount about haters and doubters of late.  

Haters and doubters also came up during Griffin’s interview with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM last week.

“People have to have a reason to hate you,” Griffin said. “They have to have a reason to criticize you, and if you’re not relevant, they won’t hate you and they will not criticize you. Part of it is the success that we had, it puts you in a situation to be torn down, but you don’t shy away from that success. You want to be more successful, and I think that want, and that desire, and that drive, is definitely there, and I think it was there last year as well.”

Griffin said he’s been through more in the first two years of his career than a lot of quarterbacks go through in their entire career, and that his tumultuous second season made him stronger.

“We, as a team, we know what this year is about, and I as an individual definitely know that we go as I go,” Griffin said. “When we win games, it’s because we do it as a team. And when we lose games, it’s because I need to play better. That’s not something that you just say; that’s something that you have to believe. And I believe it. So I know that I will play better for those guys and I know that they’re going to give me their all at the same time.”

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