(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)

Kevin Durant didn’t just talk about MVP awards and LeBron James and free agency and NBA titles and his new shoes on Wednesday.

He also talked about a grab bag of other things. For example.

The World Cup

“I just told someone, I never watched soccer — or football — until the World Cup, and I fell in love with it,” Durant said. “I can’t wait to watch the next game, the next match. I can’t wait to watch whenever they come on again….It’s so exciting, just them racing up the field and just trying to attempt a shot. That’s exciting to me. I’m pulling for the USA to win their next match, so we’ll see….

“Colombia put on an amazing show the other night,” Durant said. “Brazil, I think they’re the favorites from what I’ve heard; they put on an amazing show. Portugal, they broke my heart the other day when they scored that last-second goal. Messi is one of my favorite athletes to watch. Him and Argentina do a great job. So many great players that I don’t even know about, but I’m gonna start to study on and read up on. So I’ve become a big fan.”

Luis Suarez and on-field biting

“That was a little weird, but down on that field you never know what goes on,” Durant said. “If he had bit me, we’d have both been in some big trouble. We’d have got kicked out for fighting. But like I said, you never know in sports. Anybody wants to get an advantage, so I’m sure you’ll see something crazy like that in our league.”

His new tattoo

“I love saber-tooth tigers,” Durant said. “And even though they’re extinct — they’ve been extinct for a while — they’re such dominant creatures. They devour. And that’s what I want to do on the basketball court.”

Whether he’s thought about the Redskins name

“I haven’t. I haven’t,” Durant said. “I can’t speak on that. I’m just a fan of the game, a fan of the team, a fan of the players. I really respect Mr. Snyder, so I can’t really comment on that. I just watch the games.”