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Redskins training camp — a.k.a. the time of year when Redskins stories involve football players playing football — is fast approaching. Richmond has launched its training camp marketing campaign, which includes this ad, scheduled to run on television in local markets.



Here’s the gist:

Think you’re the biggest Redskins fan and excited for training camp to start? Prove it. Show us how you put on your camp face to win VIP access to training camp, and the best prize of all — your face on a billboard!

Here’s how you will prove it: snap a picture or take a short video of your best training camp face and post it to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine or Google+ account and tag it with #RVAcampface.

Judges, according to the release, “will be influenced by how much buzz your camp face creates.” Four winners will do a professional photo shoot on July 15. Then I will probably try to interview them.


(Via Vimeo)