(Via MASN)

As my colleague James Wagner wrote in today’s recap of the Nationals’ 4-2, 16-inning win over the Brewers, the amount of  things that happened at Miller Park from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was “enough to fill a short novel.” And it wasn’t just the incredible stuff that happened on the field.

MASN reporter Dan Kolko slid down Bernie Brewer’s slide.

There were two Sausage Races.

Some Cox Cable subscribers reported that the MASN2 broadcast was interrupted for a Tummy Tuck infomercial in the 14th inning. (The game feed was apparently restored in time for Rafael Soriano’s Untuck.)

And, while Front Row Amy was absent, Clark Kent transformed into Superman in the first row behind home plate.

Here’s another look at the Clark Kent-to-Superman transformation.

An MLB.com reporter caught up with Superman, who said his name was Superman (obviously) and that he was hoping to bring a little luck to the Brewers. Kryptonite, thy name is Ryan Zimmerman. 

Normally I’d be impressed that he stayed for the entire game, but he’s Superman.

(While I have you here, perhaps you can help settle a long-running debate between me and my extended family from a heated game of Scattergories. Do you consider ‘Clark Kent’ an acceptable response for the category ‘Superhero’? This is very important. Thanks.)

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