Ryan Zimmerman celebrates his 16th-inning homer with teammates. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

If you went to sleep at a reasonable hour last night, there’s a good chance you missed much of the #LateNightNats drama that culminated in a 4-2, 16-inning win over the Brewers in the longest game in franchise history.

Here are the five best plays, in chronological order, from the 10th inning on. (For those of us who stayed up till the final out, rewatching these plays could have the same effect as a shot of espresso.)

Ian Desmond’s backhanded stab and throw

With two outs in the bottom of the 11th, Ian Desmond ranged deep in the hole and made a ridiculous jump-throw to retire Aramis Ramirez. Desmond made a similarly nice play in the third.

Denard Span’s leaping catch

With one out and Khris Davis on first base in the bottom of the 14th, the Brewers’ Elian Herrera sent a long drive to center field. I thought the game was over, but no fear, Denard Span was near.

“As soon as the ball was hit, my first reaction is to run out there and go get it,” Span said. “I started to feel the wall close to me and I wanted to make sure I knew where the wall was and keep my eye on the ball.”

Jayson Werth’s sliding catch

Not to be outdone, Jayson Werth made a sweet, sliding grab one batter later to end the inning. Drew Storen owes his outfielders cheese curds or something after Wednesday’s matinee.

Ryan Zimmerman’s home run

Zimmerman picked a great time for his first home run — a two-run shot in the 16th — since returning from the DL. (A homer in the 11th or 14th inning would’ve been even better, but then we would’ve denied a few of these other great plays.)

Ryan Zimmerman’s diving catch

Zimmerman robbed Martin Maldonado for the first out in the bottom of the 16th. The only bad thing about Zimmerman’s 16th-inning heroics is that it denied Nationals fans the opportunity to see Adam LaRoche pitch. I probably would’ve trade another half hour of sleep for that.

 Thanks to @md_dc, who was busy last night, for the GIFs.