(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Nelson Cruz hit a game-tying grand slam in the eighth inning of the Orioles’ 5-4, 12th-inning win over the White Sox on Wednesday, which made him the logical choice for MASN’s postgame player interview.

Donning a headset in front of the Orioles dugout, a concerned Cruz kept looking over his shoulder during the interview, on high alert for any sign of the Orioles’ unofficial Pie Man, Adam Jones, who pied Chris Davis after his walk-off homer on Monday, emerged from the clubhouse holding a Dangerously Delicious pie and made a beeline toward Cruz.

“Pie yourself,” Jones said, as he handed the pie to Cruz and retreated to the dugout.

Cruz did not pie himself, however. Instead, he finished the interview and tossed the pie to a fan in a Cruz shersey behind the Orioles’ dugout. Surrounding fans went after the dessert as they would a foul ball; one guy ended up with a handful of whipped cream.

It was at once beautiful and disgusting.