The scene at Dupont Circle. (Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

Some nuggets from ESPN’s news release about the Nielsen overnight ratings for the U.S.-Germany game Thursday afternoon.

* The game averaged a 6.3 overnight rating , the lowest of the U.S.’s three group-stage games, but the third-highest overnight rating ever for a men’s World Cup match on ESPN or ESPN2. The Americans’ first game — against Ghana at 6 p.m. on a Monday — averaged a 7.0 overnight rating. The second game — against Portugal at 6 p.m. on a Sunday — averaged a 9.1 overnight rating.

* Update: In the final ratings, the Germany game had a smaller total audience but a higher rating than the Ghana game. The telecast “averaged a 6.7 US HH rating and 10,771,000 viewers,” according to ESPN, while the Ghana opener “averaged 11,093,000 viewers and a 6.3 rating.”

* According to ESPN, its WatchESPN streaming platform set a record with “1.7 million peak concurrent viewers.”

* The top 12 metered markets for the Germany game were New York (9.7), San Diego (8.6), Sacramento (8.3), Seattle/Tacoma (8.1), Orlando (8.1), Baltimore (8.1), Columbus (8.1), West Palm Beach (7.9), Providence (7.6), San Francisco (7.2) and Austin (7.2), and Washington (7.1).

* For the U.S.’s previous two games, Washington ranked first in overnight rankings among metered markets. And the ratings drop from the Monday Ghana game to the Thursday Germany game was more dramatic in Washington than in some other East Coast cities. Washington’s progression: 11.8, 7.1. New York’s progression: 10.2, 9.7. Columbus’s progression: 8.9, 8.1. Baltimore’s progression: 8.7, 8.1. Providence’s progression: 8.4, 7.6. Orlando’s progression: 8.3, 8.1. Boston and New Haven also had significant drops.

* My theory was that people in Washington find it harder to leave the office at noon on a Thursday than people in other East Coast cities. Angry readers disagreed, saying Washington likely had a greater proportion of people at bars or public watch parties, or watching in groups at work, or streaming the game.

* Either way, Washington still has the top average rating through 48 games on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. Washington is averaging a 4.0 rating, ahead of New York (3.7), San Franciso (3.5), Orlando (3.1) and Los Angeles (3.1).

(Yue Wu/The Washington Post)