Wide receiver Pierre Garcon continues to establish himself as the Redskins player most likely to become a pizza mogul when his playing days are over, if not sooner.

Garcon, who has been the face of Northern Virginia-based delivery chain Paisano’s since he signed with Washington as a free agent in 2012, recently announced his involvement in a new pizza venture with Paisano’s founder Fouad Qreitem. SpinFire, which will feature pizzas baked “in 90 seconds in a revolving surface oven,” is “coming soon” to One Loudoun in Ashburn and Rosslyn.

Garcon has been featured in several Paisano’s commercials since 2012, including last season’s campaign, which promised the receiver would personally deliver pizza to the customer who placed the most orders during the regular season. ESB Advertising founder Eiman Bassam, who has shot every Paisano’s commercial and was the former VP of Advertising at Easterns Motors, targeted Garcon as a pitchman from the start.

“There really wasn’t a face to the Redskins other than of course RGIII coming along,” Bassam said. “We were looking for a new face. We said, who’s going to be the new guy in town? Pierre was well-spoken and seemed very mature and humble, so we reached out to him.”

Bassam says the three most recent Paisano’s commercials, which were shot in June and have yet to air, promote the chain’s various non-pizza offerings, including pasta, salads and wings. In one of the 30-second spots, Garcon is literally putting out fires in the kitchen as he struggles to keep up with a steady stream of orders.

“We’ve been having fun,” Bassam said. “In one of the commercials we did a little skit with a bedtime story, ‘Cloudy with a chance of Pizza.'” (I learned that’s a riff on the children’s movie, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.)

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the recent shoots:

Another one of the commercials features an appearance by Redskins fan Morty Gudelsky, who was the highest bidder ($3,500) for the guest role at Garcon’s all-white charity event.

“We were there about four hours,” Gudelsky said of his experience at the shoot. “Pierre was just so fantastic and super nice. He had a lot more to say and a lot more to do than I did.”