These fans knew Desmond’s hit was out. (Via MASN)

For the second time in two weeks, a Nationals home run celebration was delayed by an umpires’ replay review at Nationals Park.

“It’ll probably be the longest home run trot of Anthony Rendon’s career,” F.P. Santangelo said after the infielder hit a game-tying home run off Braves closer Craig Kimbrel on June 21. Rendon stood on second base for nearly two minutes while the umpires determined that his blast to left field cleared the fence before caroming back onto the field.

Ian Desmond waited on third base for more than twice as long Wednesday night while his shot to center, which would eventually be ruled a go-ahead home run, was reviewed.

A fan points to where Desmond’s homer first bounced. (Via MASN)

“I was just wondering what I was going to do if they messed it up,” Desmond said of his long wait on third base. “Luckily they didn’t.”

This guy made the universal home run signal for so long that his arm got tired. (Via MASN)

The replay review officially lasted 3 minutes 42 seconds, but 4 minutes 28 seconds passed between the point when the ball left Desmond’s bat and his foot finally touched home plate. That’s a long home run trot. In fact, it’s nearly as long as Desmond’s 14 other home run trots this season combined.

Total time of Desmond’s home run “trot” Wednesday: 4:28
Total total time of Desmond’s first 14 home run trots of 2014: 4:46

Here’s the list of Desmond’s home run trots, via the excellent

July 2 – 4:28.01*
June 20 – 20.33
June 7 – 19.87
June 8 – 24.33*
June 3 – 21.09
May 30 – 19.91*
May 24 – 18.66
May 22 – 20.00*
May 18 – 21.01*
May 17 – 19.31*
May 12 – 20.16
April 21 – 19.8
April 10 – 21.09
April 6 – 22.38
April 2 – 19.16

*Time isn’t available on home run tracker, so I timed it myself.

Desmond was asked if it was awkward jogging home to celebrate his home run after such a long wait.

“Not nearly as awkward as Mike Morse having to re-run the bases, but yeah, that was a little bit long,” he said.

Yeah, Morse’s pantomimed homer was pretty awkward. And amazing.