I don’t know if players have home locker rooms on which they can hang bulletin boards and then post bulletin-board material, but if that’s the case, new Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik should be all set.

The NHL Network crew did a wrapup of the first day of NHL free agency, and three of three analysts agreed that Orpik was the worst signing of Day One.

“And not because I don’t like Brooks Orpik,” Kelly Chase said. “It’s just that I think at his age and the term that he got and for what he gives you from an offensive standpoint, I don’t see the numbers connect for me. I think this is way too much money to give a guy of his age. But I’ll tell you what Paul Coffey said one time: It’s way better to be overpaid than underpaid.”

“We’re going to talk about Brooks Orpik again,” Craig Button said, when it was his turn. “I don’t have any problem with the money; on free agency day, you’re going to be overpaying players. That’s just how it goes. A lot of teams chasing too few players. But at 33 years of age, I think that when the skating starts to go. The puck skills aren’t great. I think he’s a prime candidate to be a buyout person in maybe three years time. And that’s not good. But I understand why he got the money and why the term, because when you start chasing, you want to catch. But sometimes, down the road says maybe it wasn’t such a great catch.”

“I don’t want to pick on Brooks Orpik right now,” Mike Johnson said. “We’re delighted for him that he got that contract, absolutely. But I think on July 1, there may be no group of players that are more overvalued than defensive defensemen. And Brooks Orpik is good at his job, but that kind of term, that age, when he skates like that, that is going to be tough for them to handle down the road. That might just be a little too long for Brooks Orpik.”

Neil Greenberg also wasn’t a fan.