(Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Three days into Lineupghazi, three Washington Post sports columnists have weighed in on Bryce Harper vs. Matt Williams.

“Being back in the Nats’ lineup after two months wasn’t enough for Harper; he wanted to write the lineup, too,” Boswell wrote.

“He is quickly using up every drop of goodwill from a once-bottomless reservoir. He is not letting down merely the Nationals; he is bringing into question everything baseball believed he was,” Mike Wise wrote.

“The perception of what Harper said is what matters most. That’s what Williams may have to deal with for the rest of the season,” Jason Reid wrote.

I’m guessing the last thing you all want to read is yet another scorcher from a Washington Post columnist about Bryce Harper and Matt Williams. Luckily, this isn’t that! It’s a radio transcript featuring a former Washington Post columnist! Totally different genre!

“They are remarkable. The quotes are remarkable,” Tony Kornheiser said on his radio program Tuesday morning. “He wants to play center, which means he wants Denard Span on his can, which begs the question: What’s it like in the clubhouse between Bryce Harper and Denard Span? WHAT is going on there? And he’s telling the manager what to do!”

Then Kornheiser read some of Harper’s legendarily infamous remarks.

“That’s RGIII and Shanahan,” Kornheiser said. “It’s RGIII AND SHANAHAN, boys and girls. Matt Williams’s first act of consequence was to bench Bryce Harper for not running something out that almost nobody runs out. The second act of consequence, he got really lucky, Bryce Harper jammed his thumb trying to hustle to prove something to his manager. And now we have a circumstance that if you don’t think this is Robert Griffin III and the Shanahans, you’re not paying attention….

“I’m telling you, this is RGIII and the Shanahans, and I never knew what was true in that,” Kornheiser later said. “I don’t know here….He’s telling the manager where to play him. He is….He thinks he’s Mickey Mantle….This is fabulous drama that I didn’t expect. It’s fabulous. This could end up like Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson 35 years ago.”

(Via a non-paid assistant.)