(Nick Wass/AP)

Two weeks after the Redskins hired progressive political blogger Ben Tribbett to help defend the team’s controversial name, Tribbett announced late Monday  that he will resign.

“Things got a little out of control on Twitter,” Tribbett, 34, told The Washington Post on Monday night, adding that his position on the name has not changed. “I supported the Redskins before I took this job. … I think that’s how they found me. I still support them. I don’t think [the name is] a slur.”

Tribbett wrote the progressive political blog  ‘Not Larry Sabato,’ where he broke the story of Redskins executive Bruce Allen’s brother, former Virgina Sen. George Allen, referring to one of his opponent’s campaign volunteers as a ‘macaca’  in 2006. Tribbett recently shut down his blog, but critics of his hiring pointed to archived posts in which he concludes that ‘macaca’ is a racial slur. On Monday, Indian Country Today Media Network posted several tweets by Tribbett from a casino in 2010 in which he uses derogatory terms to describe an interaction with a Native American.

Prior to joining the Redskins, Tribbett worked on the campaign for Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), one of seven Democrats who were vying to win the primary for the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. James Moran. Hope finished second behind former lieutenant governor Don Beyer in June.

(This post was updated to clarify that George Allen’s ‘macaca’ comment was in reference to a campaign volunteer.)