(Nick Wass / AP)

By now, most sports columnists, beat writers, fans, cheerleaders, band members, stadium maintenance employees, popcorn salespersons and parking lot attendees have agreed that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III probably rushed himself a little bit to get back for the start of the 2013 season, which turned into an arid wasteland of disappointment, infighting and persistent sore throats.

I’m not sure that Griffin has ever admitted that, per se, but his former coach did this week.

“You know, I actually watched him work out yesterday and visited with him a little bit, and I think it’s as fresh and uplifting as I’ve seen him in a long time quite honestly,” Baylor’s Art Briles told “The SiriusXM Blitz” on Wednesday. “The thing about ACLs: I’ve always thought they take a complete year to get over. And I think he rushed himself a little bit, just because that’s the way Robert is. He’s always going to be determined to do more than is humanly possible.

“So I think this year, I do think we’ll see a very healthy RGIII,” Briles said. “I think we’re gonna see a guy that’s  happy playing the game, that has a fire and attitude that you need to have a chance to be successful, because that’s who he is. That’s what his makeup is. I’m telling you, yesterday he was spinning it really well, and he was throwing it to some really good wideouts, too.”

Chris Cooley, as it turns out, also talked about this issue in recent days. The ESPN 980 host recently re-watched Griffin’s 2013 tape and analyzed it on his program.

“Watching Philly week one, [and] especially Green Bay week two, I came to the full conclusion that he should not have been on that football field,” Cooley said. “I don’t care how the situation was handled, I don’t care who was mad at who, I don’t care what went on. Mike Shanahan was the head coach, and his decision was wrong to put Robert on the football field. It was bad for the team, it was bad for Robert’s psyche. In no way do I believe it was bad for his health. I don’t think Robert was at risk of tearing his knee again. But I think he was not ready to play.”