On the best day of his life, Marcin Gortat signed his new contract with the Washington Wizards in Ernie Grunfeld’s office. (“ernieOffice,” as Gortat referred to it on Instagram.) He could see the Legal Sea Foods sign, if he were so inclined.

On the best day of his life, Marcin Gortat also retweeted a message about getting Anthony Rendon into the All-Star Game.

Gortat will speak to reporters later on in the best day of his life; in the interim, here’s Bradley Beal, speaking to the team’s Web site.

“Man, I’m definitely thrilled,” Beal said. “It’s crazy, because two days before he signed, Coach Witt and Tommy Sheppard went to Poland to visit him. And he called me and he was all thrilled and excited — like, brother, I want to play with you….Soon enough, two days, later, he signed. So I’m definitely happy. I think I’m probably happier than he is.”

So yes, Bradley Beal is claiming that he is happier than Marcin Gortat is on the best day of Marcin Gortat’s life.

On the day before the best day of his life, Marcin Gortat got a haircut and wore orange.