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Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning have their own Gatorade

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We got our first look at Robert Griffin III Gatorade last week, courtesy of a Redskins fan on Twitter. Several other photos have appeared since then.

Griffin is re-imagined as a comic book hero named “TRIIIPLE Impact” on the bottle, which also includes a note about joining the ‘League of Captains’ at There doesn’t appear to be anything about the campaign on Gatorade’s Web site just yet, but Griffin isn’t the only NFL player with his own bottle.  Other unconfirmed members of the ‘League of Captains’:

Peyton Manning (“The Sheriff”)

Cam Newton (“The Blender”)

J.J. Watt ("Megawatt")

Eli Manning (“The Big Easy”)

Working in partnership with DC Comics, Gatorade first re-imagined Newton and Watt as superheroes for a series of digital comics titled “Freaks” on its Web site last fall. There’s no word on whether Griffin will get a digital comic, too.

Thanks to @tipskins21.