(Tony Dejak / AP)

Back when the Wizards-Cavaliers rivalry was a thing, London Fletcher made it pretty clear that while his football loyalties were in Washington, his basketball loyalties remained in Ohio. Thus, Fletcher was among the many D.C. athletes who hurried to chime in on LeBron James’s decision to return home.

Ohio-educated Nats reliever Jerry Blevins also seemed pleased.

As did fellow reliever Aaron Barrett.

Elsewhere, one former (?) Wizard was pleased for James.

Another former (?) Wizard was ready to get his own free agency plans settled.

And yet another former Wizard was ready to let the old rivalry go.

The team’s television voice reacted as a television voice ought.

Hey, here’s a college basketball coach.

And here’s a local NFL product who, oh yeah, happens to play in Cleveland.

Plus Kevin Seraphin. Obviously.