A partial view of 2012 ‘s “American Ninja Warrior” final-round obstacle course in Las Vegas. (Brandon Hickman/G4)

Kacy Catanzaro stands only five feet and weighs about 100 pounds, but, holy moly, does she pack a wallop. On Monday’s telecast of “American Ninja Warrior,” Catanzaro made mincemeat of the seemingly impossible obstacle course, in the process becoming the first female contestant to make it out of qualifying and into the final round. Catanzaro was a standout gymnast at Towson, named the NCAA’s Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year in 2012. Those skills and amazing strength came very much in handy during her run on “ANW,” during which she wowed host Matt Iseman and co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (whom you may remember as an NFL player, although you’re probably thinking of his brother). Inspiring stuff! Personally, I’m inspired to, well, sit right here on my duff and google more stuff about her. Others were inspired to join a hashtag trend on Twitter, #mightykacy.

Catanzaro moves on the finals in Las Vegas, where she will compete for $500,000 and the chance to win the title American Ninja Warrior (note: not American Female Ninja Warrior. Just, well, you know).