(2006 photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

There’s been a lot of NBA uniform news going around the internet over the last 24 hours, and some of it has Wizards implications. This whole wave of news comes via a copy of the NBA/adidas 2015 apparel catalog, which someone posted online this week. Some notes.

1) The Wizards will have alternate uniforms in 2014-15. This will be their first alternate uniform since those horrible bronze/gold/black/whatever ones that they introduced in the fall of 2006 and retired in April of 2009. No further details or images are yet available. Here are some more recent memories, though.

(2009 photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

(2005 photo by Tony Gutierrez/AP)

(2005 AP photo)

2) The Wizards will wear ‘Los Wizards’ jerseys this season as part of the league’s annual Hispanic heritage celebration.

The “Noche Latina (Latin Night)” program last season featured Los Lakers, Los Spurs, Los Suns, Los Bulls, El Heat and Nueva York. In 2013, the same six teams participated, plus El Magic. That was the same lineup in 2012. The same seven teams participated in 2011, plus Los Mavs. And those eight teams participated in 2010, along with Los Rockets.

Obviously, the league is using relevant teams with prominent Hispanic communities. The Wizards now qualify.



3) As Uni Watch examined at length:

All NBA teams that have won a championship will wear a small gold tab on their back jersey collars starting with the 2014-15 season, according to images obtained from an adidas retail catalog that began circulating on the Internet on Tuesday afternoon.

The gold championship tab would be the first league-wide championship badge ever used by one of the “Big Four” North American professional sports leagues, and it is similar to the star system used by soccer teams to denote World Cup titles.

As Uni Watch further noted, more than half the teams would get gold tabs, which makes it kind of not that special.