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Drake takes a shot at the Redskins name in ESPYs monologue

(By Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

If you thought the Redskins name wouldn’t be mentioned by a famous person during the ESPY Awards Wednesday night, you probably haven’t spent much of the past two years of your life transcribing famous people talking about the Redskins.

The moment came early on, during Drake’s monologue, a 10-minute cavalcade of laffs about the leading names in sports. He got to the NFL about halfway through the speech.

Bear in mind that scripted jokes never convey particularly well in transcription format.

“You know, tonight a man told me that Richard Sherman is the best defensive player that he has ever seen,” Drake said, after bringing up the Seahawks. “And that man’s name was Richard Sherman.”

“No, I love Richard Sherman man,” Drake went on. “Sherman’s my guy! Like, he’s so entertaining! Richard Sherman pissed off more white people this year than a crowded parking lot at Whole Foods. (They hate when they can’t get their almond milk, you know what I’m saying?)

“Now look, some rough words in football this year,” Drake said. “Riley Cooper said some things. Richie Incognito said some things. I just want to stress that there’s no room for racism in the NFL — unless you own a team in Washington, D.C. Then it’s a go.”

While many of his monologue jokes were met with hearty laughter, this one yielded a murmur and maybe some awkward titters.

“Ooooh, got a little weird there,” Drake noted.

This was the crowd reaction shot.

And at least one Redskins player responded on Twitter.