(Via Gatorade)

Last week we noted that Robert Griffin III is featured as a superhero named ‘Triiiple Impact’ on a new promotional line of Gatorade bottles. On Thursday, Griffin and the four other members of Gatorade’s “League of Captains” — J.J. Watt (‘Megawatt’), Peyton Manning (‘The Sheriff’), Eli Manning (‘The Big Easy’) and Cam Newton (”The Blender’) — were introduced to the world in digital comic form.

In Griffin’s story, which was produced in partnership with DC Comics, Triiiple Impact and the Redskins are deep in their own territory and trailing the Saints 28-24 with three seconds remaining in the game. Defeat seems certain.

(Via Gatorade)

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I will say that New Orleans gambles by calling a corner blitz.

The “League of Captains” site also features a ‘Create Your Own Athlete Superhero’ tool, which isn’t a bad way to spend a few minutes on a lazy Friday. Just know that when it comes time to name your superhero, you’ll have to follow a few guidelines:

No symbols or special characters.
Name cannot be more than 15 characters long.
No profanity or suggestive language.
No offensive or obscene language.
Don’t use other brand names or slogans besides those of Gatorade.
Do not use any name that you know belongs to any existing character from film, television, comics, games, books or any other media.
Do not use the name of any celebrity, any other person, living or dead, or any profane term in or as part of a character name.
Do not use your own name or include any other personal information in your character name. 

“Tony Two Bags” and “Bog Man” were both acceptable names.

The tool does not provide the option to give your character facial hair, so I drew Anthony Rendon’s superhero beard in Paint. It also doesn’t allow for bald superheroes, which is kinda sad.