(Soobum Im / USA Today Sports)

Over the next few months, and possibly years, you will hear and read lots of speculation about what will happen with Kevin Durant’s NBA future, some of it grounded in fact, some of it based on gut feelings, and some of it just reflecting random stream-of-consciousness blather.

Which is fine! Embrace it! The more you’re thinking about whether Kevin Durant could theoretically play for the Wizards one day, the less you’re thinking about  the fact that you virtually never clean your stove-top, even that brown greasy blob part that is probably spreading a bit and now seems to be slightly three-dimensional.

So why not read about what Gary Williams thinks about the Durant question?

“One interesting thing on this LeBron going back to Cleveland, Durant’s watching that very close,” Williams said on ESPN 980 last week. “He’s seeing the adulation pouring out for LeBron James for coming home. And Durant loves this area. He does. He’s back every summer. He plays at Montrose [Christian] against their high school kids sometimes; he’s out there taking charges. He just loves to play basketball. He’s been over at Maryland, he plays with the players over there. He just wants to play. And these are where his ties are. I know one thing, when his career’s over, I’d be shocked if he didn’t live in this area.”


“I think you go in steps,” Williams later said. “I don’t think [Paul] Pierce comes here unless the Wizards did what they did in the playoffs this year. So now take that a step further. If they do make another really strong playoff run this coming year; now all of a sudden there’s somebody that good that’s out there, they have to look at the Wizards. Because I think all those guys – Durant included – are looking at if I go here, will they be good enough to win a championship? So if the Wizards can show that maybe they’re just missing a Durant to win a championship, I think they have a good chance, I really do.”

Williams also discussed former Maryland women’s assistant David Adkins, a one-time Montrose staffer whose hiring by the Wizards helped set off this latest round of intense speculation.

“I know David,” Williams said. “He’s Mr. Workout Man. In other words, he loves doing individual drills with players. He knew Durant from Montrose….He worked with Greivis Vasquez. And he’s really good at what he does. … That’s interesting that he was hired, and I know the Maryland women’s team hated to see him leave, because he did a great job with the players.”