(Nick Wass / AP file)

In March, Harry Reid predicted the Redskins would change their name within three years, which I assume means before the 2017 season. To many neutral observers and Redskins fans, that seemed a remarkably aggressive timetable, with Redskins ownership showing no inclination whatsoever to change, the NFL appearing to back the franchise completely, and public opinion polls and sponsors remaining firmly on the team’s side.

Well, longtime NFL writer Peter King is now going beyond Reid’s prediction. Here’s a note from King’s latest Monday Morning Quarterback column:

7. I think the Washington franchise will have a new team name by 2016.

That was it. No further explanation of how or why this would happen so quickly. No explanation for who or what would be the driving force behind that change, how “never in all caps” could become “oh, forget that, I meant in just 24 months,” how the myriad logistical and financial impediments could be made to disappear before the end of Jay Gruden’s first contract.

But I’m guessing King’s prediction will become a talking point, anyhow.

Elsewhere, ESPN the Magazine’s Howard Bryant — a former Redskins beat writer at this paper — wrote a back-page column about this issue. The image was, shall we say, striking.

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