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Kirk Cousins has had a busy month. After the Redskins broke minicamp in June, the quarterback returned to Michigan State for his bachelor party, got married in Atlanta, honeymooned in Grand Cayman, and hosted a youth football camp in his hometown of Holland, Michigan.

On Monday, Cousins joined Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan while on his way back to D.C. — in a beautiful conversion van — to chat about the start of training camp. Cousins, who has expressed his desire to become a starter and was the subject of trade rumors during the offseason, said he is excited to take another step forward in his third year as Robert Griffin III’s backup.

“There are so many positives right now for me,” Cousins said. “I feel like this is a great city, a great fan base to play for, a great team to play with. I’ve got great teammates, great coaches. The fact that I get to play for coach Gruden puts me in a great position to have success, so there’s just so many positives to look at. When you really look at it that way, I’m excited, and hopefully this NFL career can last a long time for me. I won’t look at one, two, three, four years of being a backup and waiting for my opportunity. It won’t feel like a long time because I’ll look back and say it was the best thing for me and gave me a great chance to then have success later in my career.”

Cousins also provided some advice for fans hoping to score autographs at training camp in Richmond, which starts Thursday.

“The number of fans who passionately cheer to get an autograph is overwhelming and we obviously can’t sign for everyone, but I would say try to find the cutest kid you can and stand next to him, because that’s always going to draw a player or a coach over to you,” Cousins said. “When you’ve got a young kid –five, six years old — with all of his Redskins gear, just hoping and praying for an autograph, that tends to draw the eye of us players. So try to stand by the cutest kid possible, but man, with that many people and that passionate of a fan base, it’s going to be tough to sign for everybody and please everybody, but we’ll do our best.”

Grant suggested that it helps fans’ chances of getting an autograph if they call players by their first name and Cousins agreed.

“When you say Kirk, or you say my dad’s name, or go Wikipedia me and find out something from my background,” Cousins said. “… Say my hometown name, or wear green and white. That will stand out if you wear the Michigan State colors. I’m sure for Ryan Kerrigan, if you wear the Purdue colors, he’ll find his way over to you. So go check out the Wikipedia pages and see if you can get some information out of them. I’ll throw that out there.”

You can Wikipedia Cousins here. If you’re hoping to get his autograph, you could do worse than shouting, “We’re off to see the wizard.”