(Via Fox 5)

Eric Brooks, the Colorado-based Nationals fan whose incredible curly ‘W’ beard made the rounds on Monday, joined Fox 5’s “Good Day DC” via Skype this morning to answer a few questions about the hairy creation he will wear to Wednesday’s game at Coors Field.

“I got such a large response from the Alex Ovechkin beard I did back during the NHL season, so I wanted to try something different for the Nationals,” said Brooks, who was born in Kensington and lived in Rockville until two years ago. “This will be the only game I’m going to this season, so I wanted to make sure I showed my Washington pride.”

Brooks said the curly ‘W’ beard he’s sporting in his Instagram photo is merely a preview of what fans can expect on Wednesday.

“That one, I did it really quick, because I was just testing it out,” said Brooks, who competes in beard and mustache competitions. “I’m going to go to the game tomorrow and it’ll be a lot more refined. It probably took about 10 to 15 minutes just to do that. I use this hairspray, it’s called ‘got2b glued’ hairspray. It’s literally like cement for your hair.”

Brooks was asked if he could sculpt a Redskins-themed beard one day.

“Oh, I’m sure,” he said. “I definitely can.”