(Via @chaddukes)

Since LaVar Arrington announced he would become a full-time analyst for NFL Network in California, local sports radio listeners have wondered who would replace him on 106.7 The Fan’s afternoon drive show. The answer came Wednesday afternoon: nobody.

Chad Dukes– who has co-hosted the “LaVar and Dukes Show” with Arrington for the past five years — will take over the 2-6 p.m. slot, with a new program called “Chad Dukes Vs. the World.” (Dukes has recently been doing an hour under that name from 6-7 on many weekday nights.)

Arrington, as promised, will continue to make hour-long appearances with Dukes on Mondays and Fridays. But that leaves about 18 hours of solo time for Dukes, a Burke native who went to Lake Braddock, grew up rooting for Washington sports teams, and likes pro wrestling and beer, among other pursuits.

“I have re-signed with CBS Radio for many years, and I will be hosting afternoon drive here on 106.7 The Fan,” Dukes said on Wednesday. “If I could get real real for a minute, a lot of people have a lot of boyhood dreams….I literally sat in my mom’s basement when I was 19 years old, not knowing what I wanted to do, thinking I was going to be a failure my whole life. And my goal was to host afternoon drive on 106.7 The Fan and do my own radio show. And so when I tell you that I take this with the heaviest gravitas, it absolutely it is the case. I could not be more thrilled.”

Dukes went on to thank many people at CBS Radio, both locally and nationally, including the Junkies — with whom he once interned — and Arrington, who “[gave] me name recognition that I simply wouldn’t have if I didn’t have a show with him,” Dukes said.

“This is a big market and a big radio station,” he said. “A lot of peoples’ jobs are tied to this, and to let me go at it alone means an awful lot….I could not be more excited. I could not be more excited to still be here with you guys, and I’m gonna do radio the way I know how to do radio. You’re gonna get your sports, you’re gonna get your Redskins, you’re gonna get everything you’d want out of 106.7 The Fan, but you’re also going to get things very differently than what everybody else is doing.

“And I hope I’ve been giving you a taste of that from 6-7 here on The Fan for the past few months. I’ve had a great time doing it. And hopefully you will stay with me moving forward, and we’ll turn this into a big family, because that’s what I want….I really could not be more excited.”