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Throughout training camp, NFL Network will send its analysts to cover their former teams as part of “Homecoming Week” on Inside Training Camp Live. Warren Sapp will visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on July 27. LaDainian Tomlinson will check in on the San Diego Chargers the following day. And which former Redskins great will enjoy a homecoming in Richmond on Friday? Deion Sanders.

Wait, what?

Sanders played exactly one season of his 14-year career in Washington, and that 2000 Redskins team finished 8-8. It would make a little more sense for Sanders to have been assigned to Baltimore, where he at least spent two of his seasons outside of Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco, but Brian Billick already has the Ravens covered.

Sending Sanders, a longtime rival while with the Cowboys, to Redskins camp for “Homecoming Week” is even stranger than Willie McGinest being assigned to Cleveland instead of New England. Perhaps travel arrangements were made before LaVar Arrington joined the network.

Via NFL Communications:

Throughout training camp on Inside Training Camp Live, NFL Network’s roster of former players and front office personnel return to their former teams to deliver access only they can provide.

Among the highlights are: Deion Sanders with the Washington Redskins (July 25); Michael Irvin with the Dallas Cowboys (July 27); Warren Sapp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (July 27); Kurt Warner with the St. Louis Rams (July 27) and the Arizona Cardinals (July 29); LaDainian Tomlinson with the San Diego Chargers (July 28); Steve Mariucci with the Green Bay Packers (August 4) and Detroit Lions (August 5); Brian Billick with the Baltimore Ravens (July 28);Willie McGinest with the Cleveland Browns (July 25 & 26) and the New England Patriots (July 27 & 28); and Terrell Davis with the Denver Broncos (July 30 & 31).

On Sunday, July 27 at 7:00 PM ETRich Eisen and Michael Irvin are live from the Dallas Cowboys’ practice in Oxnard, CA. Cowboys owner/president/general manager Jerry Jones will join the broadcast live.

So, what was your favorite Deion Sanders memory from his time in burgundy and gold?

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