(By John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Last year, many Redskins fans likely rooted against DeSean Jackson, a player who so often excelled against Washington. This season, Redskins fans will wear his jersey.

It’s kind of a funny thing, the acquisition of the former star player from a hated division rival. Sure, it happened here with Jayson Werth, and sure, Nats fans now love him, but there has to be a bit of a grace period to learn those new emotions.

And the players must go through the same thing. Indeed, WKYS’s EZ Street interviewed Jackson recently*, and asked Jackson whether it feels funny to now wear burgundy and gold.

“Honestly bro, it was one of them situations where I kind of hated the Redskins, you feel me?” Jackson responded. “Like, that was my rivals. Being an Eagle, that was like my rivals. Now it’s different. It’s like ‘Dang, it just shows how God works once again.’

“But man, I’m excited,” Jackson went on. “That’s the biggest thing I can say: to have a second opportunity to go out there and play in the NFL. And what I went through was a humbling experience. So I’m just ready to get back out there on the field and play football. I think last year I had one of my best [years] in the NFL, putting up the numbers and stats I put up. And I’m going on my seventh year now, so I feel like I’m in my prime.”

EZ Street — or Mr. Street, if you will — also asked Jackson about his new quarterback.

“RGIII’s a very intelligent young man, bright, going on his third year in the NFL,” Jackson said. “I think he accomplished some crazy numbers his first year as a rookie, and last year kind of had a struggling year because he was hurt and things like that. So I’m just blessed to play with a guy like that. At the same time I know the upside of his game, I know what he’s capable of doing. His arm strength is crazy, his speed is crazy. A lot of similarities in how I played with Michael Vick. I kind of look at them two dudes almost in the same boat.”

(*Note: My definition of “recently” in this item might not be the same as yours. This was published in late June, but I just saw it.)