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NFL Network produces a fun feature called “The Sessions,” in which star players from different teams watch game film of their highlights together, explain what they were thinking or seeing on a given play, and crack jokes at each other’s expense. In a wise move, the network deviated from the usual script and paired new Redskins teammates DeSean Jackson and DeAngelo Hall together in a recent episode.

After reminiscing and raving about Hall’s one-handed interception of a Peyton Manning pass in Denver last season, Hall and Jackson got to the good stuff — plays from their head-to-head matchups over their six years as NFC East rivals.

“See, I can remember this play,” Hall says of Jackson’s 88-yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage in Philadelphia’s 59-28 beatdown of the Redskins in November 2010. “I’m supposed to reroute you a little harder. I’m supposed to jam you, put my hands on you, slow you up. But, we talked about that shiftiness. You kind of left me. My safety [LaRon Landry] doesn’t stay inside, he kinda leans outside.”

“See what I did,” Jackson says, pointing at the screen. “I widened him back out like I was going to go to a go. So while he went in, by the time he turned his head around, Vick already threw it up.”

(Via NFL.com)

“To be able to track that ball in the air and make that play, and then backpedal on us in the end zone,” Hall says, shaking his head. “This is the reason I’m happy he’s on my team.”

Later in the segment, Hall and Jackson review plays from last year’s season opener.

“I was a fan of you even before you came to my team,” Hall says after Jackson beats him for a 25-yard touchdown and cameras catch him applauding. “I’m clapping like, ‘Hey, that’s a good play, bruh.'”

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Really, the entire five-minute segment could’ve focused on the altercation between Hall and Jackson after a horse-collar tackle by Hall during the same game.

“What’s this — the one where you beat me up?” Hall jokes as a replay of the incident starts.

“No, that’s the one where you almost broke my knee, man” Jackson says. “…We’re about to fight each other, show the whole world what two little dudes can do out here on this field.”

“It is nothing but love, though, man,” Hall says as the screen shows the former rivals jarring at each other.

I’ve got nothing but love for Jackson’s Mars Blackmon T-shirt. You can watch the entire segment here.

(Via NFL.com)