Last July, you might recall, the Richmond Arby’s located virtually across the street from the Redskins’ training-camp facility put up a sign reserving a parking space for Robert Griffin III, a Subway endorser who wasn’t likely to be eating a ton of roast beef in late July. It was a funny bit, though, and it got lots of national coverage.

Also, after a polite request from a team representative, that restaurant’s owner, Dean Kovanes, took down the RGIII sign.

Well, it’s July again, and Redskins players and fans are arriving in Richmond again, and that Arby’s is now reserving a parking space for someone new: “Redskins great LaVar Arrington.”

“With the excitement and the buzz with the RGIII sign last year, we figured we’d do something again,” Kovanes told me on Wednesday. “People continued to ask if we’d have a new sign, and I thought what better choice than LaVar Arrington?”

Indeed. And recent history has shown that no one objects to LaVar Arrington being called a Redskins great, so everything should work out just fine.

Kovanes did not run his sign by the Redskins in advance, but he said Richmond is currently filled with banners and signs welcoming the Redskins and their fans to town. But the main point is that he’s just trying to make some people smile, and capture some of the excitement of the week.

“We’re just trying to have a little fun with it,” he said. “We’re literally right across the street from the camp. With the RGIII thing last year and fans asking me about it this year, hopefully this will be a tradition and we’ll do it every year.”

Training camp, needless to say, can also be a good thing for local businesses. Kovanes pointed out that his restaurant offers “free air conditioning and clean bathrooms,” and that he loves serving Redskins fans. And when the Patriots arrive in early August, they can probably expect some sort of parking-lot joke at their expense.

It’s unclear whether Redskins great Arrington — who will soon move to L.A. and begin working for NFL Network — will visit training camp. If he does, though….

“He was one of my favorite Redskins,” Kovanes told NBC Washington, which first reported the news. “So I just figured ‘Hey, if LaVar’s in town, come on in, have a couple Beef ‘n Cheddars, we’d love to see you. You’ve got your spot right here.”