(Dan Steinberg/ The Washington Post)

It was pouring rain when I stopped to chat with Christi and John Defrancesco Thursday morning. I’m not just saying that for dramatic purposes; rain was streaming down my face so hard that I had to take my glasses off to see. And it was kind of a cold rain. Unpleasant, for sure.

Anyhow, I asked Christi and John what they were doing standing out in the pouring cold rain in the middle of a kind of muddy stretch of grass at 9:30 on a Thursday morning, even though their sign sort of gave it away.

“Hanging out, watching the Redskins, on their first practice, on our anniversary,” Christi said. “Wouldn’t be anywhere else today.”

“But it’s, like, pouring rain,” was my exact quote.

“And it poured rain on our wedding day,” she noted, “so it’s only fitting.”

She said it was her idea to come, although John said “I’m excited. I mean, it’s great when you get to spend time with somebody you love…”

“…doing something you love,” she said, finishing his sentence.

They said they had never done something this exciting on previous anniversaries — “we’re pretty normal people, nothing fancy or crazy,” John said. I asked if dinner was scheduled for 7-11; Chick Fil A, they corrected me. (Their daughter wants a milkshake.) And they refused to agree with me that anything was less than ideal on this first morning of training camp.

“It’s our chance to meet some Skins,” she said. “This is the closest we’re ever going to get to the Redskins. We love games, we love football, and this is pretty awesome for us.”