(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)

Early in Redskins training camp last year, we wrote about people showing up in Cowboys gear. (And also Giants and Steelers gear.)

It seemed odd to me. Training camp isn’t particularly thrilling, even for diehard fans, so how could it be of interest to people who don’t follow the team? Did they really just want to check in on Robert Griffin III? Were they curious how the special teams looked in drills? Were all their other clothes dirty?

Well, within about 15 minutes of entering Redskins camp on Thursday, I saw this guy, in an Eagles hat and an Eagles jersey. I had to ask him the question, the thing I’ve wondered every time I’ve seen such behavior: why? Is it to be different? To show independence? To document how disparate groups can interact in unusual settings away from typical societal norms? I mean, why, sir, why?

“Just to [tick] people off, get ’em riled up,” David Worthington explained.

Worthington, 26, is from Richmond. He was planning to interview Redskins fans for 96.5, Richmond’s classic rock station, where he does some part-time work. But he also wanted to check in on an old friend.

“I’m here because I want to see DeSean [Jackson],” he told me. “I want to make sure [the Redskins] are in midseason form, dropping all their passes.”

Still, he said he likes Jackson, and thinks Philadelphia will miss him.

He also said he believes the Redskins have employed some Philadelphia sympathizers.

“A lot of security guards here are incognito,” he promised. “They came up to me and gave me fist bumps, [did the] Fly Eagles Fly.”

Anyhow, that’s all still less weird than wearing a Dodgers jersey and cap, probably.

(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)