(Evan Vucci/AP)

Mike Shanahan is forever done in Washington, but the ex-Redskins boss tells USA TODAY Sports that he’d be open to another NFL head coaching job if the situation was right.

“If I get back into coaching, it would have to be a situation where there was a realistic opportunity to win a Super Bowl,” Shanahan told USA TODAY Sports’ Jarrett Bell, without explicitly stating that his previous employer didn’t offer him that chance.

Going to a team with salary cap room would be essential for Shanahan. The person signing his checks would be an important factor, too.

“”It would have to be with the right ownership,” Shanahan said.

Reminiscing about his 21 years in Denver, Shanahan reflected on his relationship with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, who relinquished control of the team this week because he has Alzheimer’s disease.

“He let you do your job,” Shanahan told Bell, without adding that Dan Snyder didn’t do the same. “Every resource that he had, he’d give it to you.”

Bell also asked Shanahan about Robert Griffin III, but he didn’t bite.

“I’m not going down that road,” Shanahan said. “I’m going to let that play itself out. We’ll see as time goes on.”

Griffin has kept Shanahan’s name out of his mouth for the most part, too, though it wasn’t hard to read between the lines of Griffin’s comments about Jay Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay at training camp on Thursday.

“It’s really just a good thing to have two coaches who believe in you,” Griffin said. “Sean and Jay have done a great job. They’ve given me a lot on my shoulders. I cherish that. You want to be asked to do more — or at least [to] do the bare minimum.”

Perhaps Shanahan’s side of the story of his rocky relationship with Griffin will have to wait for when he’s in an NFL broadcast booth one day. Fox Sports discussed an on-air role with him for the upcoming football season, but it didn’t work out.