Bring this photo to tonight’s Potomac Nationals game and you could get $5 off a general admission ticket. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

The Potomac Nationals won the Minor League Baseball Promotion of the Month Award for June for their Beard-A-Palooza Weekend, which featured the Beard Olympics and a Jayson Werth BobbleBeard giveaway that had fans lining up a full three hours before the gates opened.

Could they do it again? In the cringe-inducing words of Justin Bieber, “Never Say Never.”

Potomac begins a homestand Friday at Pfitzner Stadium with ‘Merica Night. There will be apple pie. There will be Chuck Norris and “Rambo” video clips between innings. There will be hot dogs. There will be cash ($1,000 in total) hidden in random hot dog wrappers. And there will be Bieber memorabilia, at least until it’s destroyed during a post-game Bieber Demolition. Any fan who brings something Bieber to be destroyed will receive $5 off a general admission ticket to the game.

If this sounds familiar,  it’s because the Class A Charleston RiverDogs held a similar promotion on Saturday.

Potomac assistant general manager Zach Prehn said the Nationals had the idea for the promotion before they knew Charleston had planned its “Disco Demolition 2: You Better Belieb It.”

“We came up with the idea after sitting around and going over what’s truly American,” Prehn said via e-mail. “A hatred of Justin Bieber is right up there.”

Thanks to @primetimereds.