It’s been a big couple of days for the Nationals’ biggest Racing President, Bill, or William Howard Taft if you prefer. On Thursday, his bobblehead was revealed. Today, he’s in his hometown of Cincinnati along with the rest of the Racing Presidents for the Nats-Reds series opener at Great American Ballpark.

So how did Bill’s homecoming come about?

“Bill’s like, ‘Yo, I wanna go back to my city, can we get out there somehow?'” Nationals entertainment manager Tom Davis told reporters. “So we started talking with the Reds and they were more than happy to bring us out, and here we are.”

The Racing Presidents did some conditioning work on the field earlier today.

“He loves being down here on the field, definitely gonna get some chili, obviously, while he’s here,” Davis said. “We’re gonna hopefully take him back out to his boyhood home, maybe sometime this weekend.”

I’ve never been to the Queen City, but Taft’s old home looks nice.