(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

The University of Maryland announced Monday that the Comcast Center has been renamed Xfinity Center effective immediately.

The renaming efforts are expected to be completed by mid-August and at no cost to Maryland, according to a school release. Still, many expressed dismay over the change and vowed to continue referring to the basketball arena as the Comcast Center, as it had been known since it opened in 2002. Nostalgia apparently knows no bounds. 

Uni Watch and No Mas joined forces for an excellent line of “Naming Wrongs” T-shirts celebrating the original names of stadiums that eventually sold out to corporate sponsors, such as “I Still Call It Mile High” (Denver) and “I Still Call It The Jake” (Cleveland).

While this change — from one corporate name to another — seems different, it shouldn’t stop an enterprising Terps fan from creating “I Still Call It Comcast” and “I Still Call It Chevy Chase Bank Field” shirts. (Are any other D.C. sports fans wistful for the days of the MCI Center?)

This might be the best solution.