(By John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Almost immediately after the Redskins introduced a ticket lottery for four training camp sessions — three joint practices with the Patriots, and the team’s annual Fan Appreciation Day — wise fans warned that this would lead to an attempted secondary market.

Sure, the training camp sessions are all free — we remember what happened when the Redskins became the first NFL team to charge admission to training camp. But if access is only guaranteed to lottery winners, those tickets become a commodity, and commodities gonna do what commodities do: Head to Craigslist!

* Selling 4 tickets to each practice Redskins vs Patriots practice on Tuesday August 5th @ 1:35pm and Wednesday August 6th @8:35. I am asking $20 per ticket and I am willing to sell in pairs. Please make an offer!

* Redskins training camp fan appreciation day 4 tickets. Saturday august 2. Email me with offer.

I have 4 tickets to the Redskins Fan Appreciation Day for Aug. 2nd, Email or txt me your offers.

* New England Patriots will be in town next week for their preseason game against the skins. Therefore, Brady and the team, will be at redskins training camp next week also practicing. I have several tickets that I do not need, for cheap. If you are interested in any of these, I can email them to you.

(4) tickets to Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday, 8/2

(8) tickets to Redskins/Patriots joint training practice on Wednesday, 8/6 at 8:35am. $10 each, OBO.

* 4 Tickets to Monday’s (Aug 4, 2014) practice against the New England Patriots at 8:35am… Going to be out of town and cannot go

 Asking $10 each. Will sell in pairs only.

The team said it received nearly 18,000 applications for the four lottery-controlled sessions; there were 3,000 winners for each session, although you couldn’t request specific sessions, and some fans won tickets to more than one date, or to dates on which they’re busy. (Each winner got four tickets, meaning 12,000 spots are guaranteed.) The tickets are theoretically non-transferrable and non-sellable; “Unauthorized transfers will be voided and all tickets in the group will be cancelled,” the team said.

And Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the lottery system was recommended by the NFL, and that additional fans will be admitted to these four sessions as space allows.

“We instituted the lottery system in order to ensure every fan who visits our training camp has an enjoyable experience,” Wyllie told the RTD. “We believe the lottery was a fair way to guarantee access to these practice days.”

My own recommendation to someone who won tickets but actually can’t attend: Give them away. That would be the sporting choice.