(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Ryan Clark arrived in Richmond for Redskins training camp in need of a haircut and no idea where to get one. While Clark probably had a go-to barber in Ashburn from his first stint with Washington, and in Latrobe, Pa., for the past eight training camps he attended with the Steelers, RVA was uncharted territory for the veteran safety.

Clark solicited recommendations from his 37,000-plus followers on Twitter, but was unsuccessful in his quest for a cut. (I would’ve directed him to the nearest Hair Cuttery for a fun game I like to call haircut roulette.)

One day after declaring that he would would grow his hair out until the end of camp — football’s preseason equivalent of hockey’s playoff beard — Clark got a haircut from Richmond native Marcus Williams.

Williams served as the Redskins’ unofficial training camp barber last season and apparently did a fine enough job that he was welcomed back this year.