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Because every part of the Redskins name issue will get media coverage, the new RedskinsFacts.com site has received ample coverage, both on the Sports Bog, and over at Deadspin and Slate, which both take a skeptical tone.

Regardless, Wednesday I realized that RedskinsFacts.com ads have started appearing among the rotating ads on the screens behind Redskins press conferences in Richmond, along with ads for Harris Teeter, Comcast SportsNet, HDL Inc., Virginia529, and so on.

That seemed interesting to me, because Chris Cooley — one of the point men for the new RedskinsFacts.com effort — specifically talked about former players having more latitude to deal with the issue than current players.

The team’s former players, he told me this week, “kind of got together over the last month” and began discussing trips to reservations.

“We sat down and said let’s get more guys involved,” Cooley said. “Our current players can’t say anything, but our alumni are proud of who we are, and we want to say ‘I’m proud of being a Redskin’ without being called a racist. And the only way to do that is to come here and talk to people and hear them say ‘We don’t care at all about the team name. Not at all. We care about issues that we have on the reservation.’ ”

The sense, then is that current players can’t or don’t want to wade into such a sensitive topic. Which may or may not be true. Either way, there will now be lots of video clips of their faces in front of ads for RedskinsFacts.com.

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