(Jason Miller/Getty Images)

By acquiring veteran infielder Asdrubal Cabrera from the Indians at the trade deadline, the Nationals added a two-time all-star to their lineup. With Ryan Zimmerman on the disabled list with a hamstring strain, Cabrera will likely play second base while Anthony Rendon continues to start at third.

Of course, Cabrera didn’t come for free. In sending 24-year-old infield prospect Zach Walters to Cleveland, the Nationals are gambling that he doesn’t blossom into a future MVP, as Jose Canseco predicted earlier this year. (In Rizzo we trust?) They’re also saying goodbye to the only player in major league history to use two different songs from Disney’s “Frozen” as his walk-up music. 

According to Designated Hits, which catalogs players’ walk-up and entrance music, Cabrera has used Daddy Yankee’s “Limbo” and Crazy Design’s “El Teke Teke” within the past year. I could see Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler dancing in the booth to “El Teke Teke” like they used to for Wil Nieves’s walk-up song.