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Here’s a weird thing: 45 men are in the Redskins’ Ring of Fame. Included in that list are six quarterbacks: Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer, Eddie LeBaron, Joe Theismann and Doug Williams. There are also non-players, like George Preston Marshall, Bubba Tyer and Wayne Curry.

But not on the list? Mark Rypien, the man who quarterbacked Washington to its third of three Super Bowl wins.

Now, I’m not sure how outraged I would get about a Ring of Fame. But here’s someone who’s extremely outraged: My buddy Steve Sands from the Golf Channel, a longtime D.C. sports fan and regular guest on 106.7 The Fan who happened to be hanging out with Rypien during his recent win at the American Century celebrity golf tournament.

Sands, unprompted, spoke on this topic with the Junkies Thursday morning, and he spoke with such vigor that I heard a random non-editorial employee of The Post talking about it in the elevator. “I just heard someone on the radio yelling about Mark Rypien not being in the Ring of Fame,” this person said, more or less.

“In my opinion, it is the most egregious sports act in our nation’s capital,” Sands said. “Mark Rypien, who led the Skins to a Super Bowl, who was a Super Bowl MVP. And by the way, he wasn’t Kurt Warner for four or five years, but he had a terrific run. Not just one season. I mean, he had a terrific run. And if you remember, if he and Brian Mitchell handle that ball in San Francisco [in 1993], we might win that game and Joe Gibbs might not retire….

“I told him, it is my absolute quest in life to get him in the Ring of [Fame],” Sands said. “No offense to Joe Theismann, who was tremendous for the Skins. Doug Williams is in it. Doug Williams deserves it, but he played four games for us. [Williams actually started 14 games for Washington – ed.] I mean, Mark Rypien is the third quarterback in our franchise’s history to win a Super Bowl; how can he not be in it and the other two are? Just compare apples to apples….

“The fact that No. 11 does not get to walk from the end zone to the 50-yard line one day this season or next season and have 90,000 fans stand and cheer, it’s remarkable to me,” Sands said. “It’s atrocious. I’m telling you, I told Rypien all weekend, I’m going to go on a rampage to try to get you in that. It’s incredible that he’s not in there. Doug Williams and Joe Theismann absolutely deserve to be in it. How can Mark Rypien, the other quarterback who’s won us a Super Bowl, not be in it? That’s ridiculous. That’s crazy.”

Again, that was an unexpected display of passion, but I suppose Sands is likely correct.