(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Anthony Rendon went 3 for 5 with with a three-run home run in Saturday’s 11-0 rout of the Phillies, making the Nationals infielder the logical choice as the guest on MASN’s postgame show. As usual, the reserved Rendon deflected the praise and congratulations that Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight offered.

“I got lucky again,” he said with a faint smile.

“You’re doing a lot of things right,” Holliday said. “You seem to just be playing so relaxed as well.”

“Yeah, I think that’s the key to the game, especially for me,” Rendon said. “I try not to get too anxious out there, you know, try to take deep breaths. Everyone’s already talking about me yawning the other day in Miami, so…I mean, I can’t yawn? What’s wrong with that? It’s just lack of oxygen to the brain.”

“Hey, no, it’s great to yawn,” Knight reassured him. “That just shows how calm you are.”

It is great to yawn.

Anthony Rendon did not actually sleep through the postgame interview. (Via MASN)

I’m still not convinced, though, that Rendon, who commented during the all-star break that he doesn’t watch baseball because it’s too long and boring, is getting enough sleep. I mean, look at what he told Adam Kilgore about finishing a triple shy of the cycle on Saturday.

“I heard people in the stands, ‘Get the triple! Get the triple!’” Rendon said. “I didn’t want to, because I got to run more. I’ll stay at second base.”

How many Rendon yawns does it take to provide the oxygen needed to travel an additional 90 feet?

(Thanks to Nats Enquirer.)