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Redskins fan in DeAngelo Hall jersey proposes to girlfriend at training camp

No one will confuse the Redskins’ training camp facility in Richmond with a romantic destination spot, but for Baltimore County resident Josh Firestone, that was the point.

“It would be too cliche on the beach, she would suspect it too much,” Firestone told reporters after he proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Halley Weinstein, after Friday’s morning practice. “I really wanted to have the element of surprise.”

Firestone, wearing a DeAngelo Hall jersey, got down on one knee in front of the Virginia is for Lovers ‘LOVE’ sign beyond one of the end zones at training camp. Weinstein said yes.

The happy couple was invited on to the field, where they met and posed for photos with Hall. The Redskins cornerback signed Firestone’s jersey and wrote, “Congrats!! Training Camp 2014. Best Wishes.”

Firestone and Weinstein’s shared love of the Redskins would seem to bode well for their future together, though commiserating over many more 3-13 seasons could make for a depressing life together.

Two other couples I met at Saturday’s Fan Appreciation Day proved that love triumphs over all, even long-standing football loyalties. Johnny and Tracey Spragg of Chesterfield have been married for 13 years despite Johnny’s die-hard Cowboys fandom, while Tracey supports the Redskins.

“There’s a lot of couples like us,” said Johnny, who watches every Redskins-Cowboys game with his wife in a garage that’s adorned with a disproportionate amount of Cowboys memorabilia. “May the best team to win. I already know, if she wins, it’s good. But if I win, I know I ain’t getting no loving.”

Spragg wore a Miles Austin jersey and was somehow was surprised by the reaction he received from Redskins fans Saturday.

“Everybody booed me,” he said. “I didn’t expect that. I thought I would see more brave Dallas Cowboys fans in here. They’re hiding. I got a couple of high-fives. There are a lot of us in here.”

The Spraggs arrived with their friends Rickey and Bragail Brown, another Cowboys-Redskins divided couple who have been married for six years.

“They’re our mentors,” Bragail, a Cowboys fan, said of the Spraggs.

“It’s challenging,” added Rickey, who wore a Robert Griffin III jersey.