(By John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Daniel Snyder didn’t just talk about the Redskins name during his lengthy, 25-minute appearance on ESPN 980 Monday afternoon. He also talked about beer with Chris Cooley, co-host of “The Drive.”

Here’s how that went.

Cooley: What’s your favorite beer?

Snyder: Bud Light.

Cooley: Really, Bud Light?

Snyder: Yup, yeah.

Cooley: If you could have one beer in your life to choose to drink, you’d say, “I’m gonna have a Bud Light.”

Snyder: Yeah. Or a Bud.

Cooley: Or a Bud?

Snyder: Yeah. It’s like one special beer in my life, you said, so it’d be a Bud.

Cooley: Not like an Italian special, like a Peroni?

Snyder: No, no.

Cooley: Just a Bud Light?

Snyder: Absolutely.

Also, in a completely unrelated story….

(Via Hogs Haven)
(Via Hogs Haven)