A Reddit user recently surveyed other Reddit users about their least favorite professional sports teams and displayed the results in maps of the most hated sports team by state. The maps are fascinating, even if the methodology is flawed. (One should immediate question the validity of a baseball map that reveals an apparent loathing of the San Diego Padres among residents of the Northwest Territories.)

Perhaps the most interesting map of the four from a local perspective is the one of MLB teams, which indicates the Nationals are despised in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. That’s pretty impressive for a franchise that’s only been in D.C. for 10 years, especially considering the other “most hated” baseball teams are clubs with deep-seated roots, such as the Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals.


Not surprisingly, the Yankees are the most hated baseball team in the country. Also of note: Arkansas hates the Cubs, and Texas — perhaps still bitter about Josh Hamilton — hates the Angels.


The Redskins are not the most hated team in any state, according to this survey. That includes Texas, where respondents hate the Eagles most. Internationally, Europe hates the Ravens and Africa hates the Cowboys, while the Patriots aren’t popular in Asia and South America.


Wyoming hates the Ottawa Senators. The Capitals are not the most hated team in any state.


The Lakers and the Heat are the two most hated teams in the NBA, while the Wizards don’t register on the national hate radar just yet.

Thanks to SB Nation for sharing.