(Via MLB.com)

Given all the excitement for Jayson Werth garden gnome giveaway night, which led some fans to start waiting outside of Nationals Park five hours before the first pitch, it seemed inevitable that Tuesday’s Presidents Race would somehow involve the figurine.

I figured Abe would don red sunglasses and a gnome hat, or, against all odds, Werth himself would pop out of the dugout for some shenanigans at the finish line. Instead, Teddy ditched the Rally Mitt that helped him win three consecutive races and conspired with a life-size doppelganger of the Werth gnome to win yet again.

Teddy pretended to take photos of the gnome, who was carried, naturally, to his spot at the finish line before the race.

When the other Racing Presidents approached, the gnome came to life. He tossed the ball in his right hand to Teddy, turned around, and smashed Abe, Bill, George and Tom with a giant, red plastic bat.

I could’ve used that guy on the Metro en route to the game. Here’s the GIF, via Let Teddy Win:

Thanks to @RyanJKelly.