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Sometimes, I’m reminded of the last two lines Russian lyrical poet Sergei Yesenin penned in his farewell work.  Here’s the translation I’m partial to:

In this life there’s nothing new in dying

But nor, of course, is living any newer

This was written in his own blood. The next day, Yesenin hanged himself.

Colin Cowherd this week talked yet again about a 30-second dance John Wall did five years ago. Yesenin offed himself before he was able to experience either Colin Cowherd or The Dougie, but I have a feeling he’d sort of understand.

This latest monologue happened because Anthony Bosch surrendered to DEA agents as part of a steroids investigation this week. And also, because John Wall got cut from the USA Basketball team.

So Cowherd talked about how you can make snap judgments on people who have 12 face piercings, or who have certain tattoos, or who wear aviator glasses with slicked-back hair (Bosch), or who dance before a basketball game (Wall).

“Arrogant jumps right out,” Cowherd said. ” Humble does as well…. Snap judgments aren’t always wrong, because people send messages.”

If I cared enough to make a snap judgment about Cowherd, I’d say that… but no, I don’t. I just don’t care enough.

“About five years ago I made a snap judgment on John Wall, a basketball player for the Washington Wizards,” Cowherd said on Tuesday. “Number one pick. Super talented. He came out in his first home game and did a 30-second dance. And I said first game, really? Would Derek Jeter do that? Tom Brady? Magic?

“You can do it after you win titles. You can do it nine years in the league. First home game? If that is deep in you, that something told you — even if you were egged on — to do that and it was a good call, first home game, you’re just not going to be my guy. That’s idiotic. That’s bad judgment.

“By the way, at 2 o’clock today, fifth year in the league, John Wall will be cut [from Team USA], according to sources. Mike Krzyzewski won’t cut Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard or Derrick Rose….

“Entering his fifth year in the dreadful Eastern Conference with a very good supporting cast right now: One playoff series win. You judged him on a snapshot! Damn straight. And right now I’m validated. It was racially tinged! Oh really. Who was harder on Tim Tebow than me? The Jimmer, who’s whiter than Idaho. Johnny Manziel. Had nothing to do with race…

“John Wall through his career — and he’ll get cut today, reportedly — there’s two stats that talk about judgment. Turnovers. He led NBA last year in ’em, fourth year in the league, with a good supporting cast. And field-goal percentage. Do you make good decisions on shooting. His 11 playoff games: 36 percent from the floor, 21 percent from three-point land. Poor shot selection, lots of turnovers. Judgment stats. His turnover rate’s awful.

You made a snap judgment! Yup. To this point did. Not always right, not always wrong. Did it on Anthony Bosch, did it on John Wall. To deny snap judgments can also be right is intellectually dishonest.”

And intellectual dishonesty is, obviously, to be avoided.

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